© Lou D'Angelo

Lou D’Angelo, photographer, is a master craftsman with over 25 years experience, specializing in the automotive genre. Previously based in Milan, London and Melbourne, he now brings his immense talent to the US.

He is renowned for his visionary approach to lighting and composition. Even a quick glance through Lou’s work will leave you with no doubt that this passionate photographer is also a devotee of cutting edge technology for ultimate precision and creativity. Finding and using perfect locations for shoots to highlight the cars photographed against stunning architectural backdrops and landscapes is equally matched with his extensive skill set in studio settings.

Lou’s hard work and talent have attracted an impressive portfolio of clients. He has shot Ford in India, VW in the Himalayas and Land Rover in Australia. Other satisfied clients are Audi, Fiat, Holden, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen .

© Michael Alan Ross

Michael Alan Ross has carved out a career photographing the studied nuances, latest models, adrenaline-rushed raceways and proud owners of the car world.

As a licensed photographer for Porsche and a trusted colleague to many, he maintains elite access to the events, collectors and designers that others dream about.
His reality is a career built on doing what he loves — photographing the cars and people that define the automotive industry.

“I’ve been into cars since I was a kid. It was like a game to me to find out everything about them, even down to the name of the paint color. I built models of cars all the time; I thought I’d grow up to be a car designer. But when I was nine, my dad gave me a camera and took me to a car show. I was hooked—car photography has been in and out of my life since then.”

Michael’s work is featured in a wide range of advertising and editorial in the US and Europe including: Porsche Cars North America, Jaguar NA, Audi USA, ROAD&TRACK Magazine, AutoWeek & BIMMER Magazine.

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Based in: San Francisco, Los Angeles, California, New York, United States